Organizational structure

At IMPRS-µLife all participants: PhD students, faculty, coordinator and the respective official body (Steering Committee) work towards a common goal and actively participate in shaping the organization and program of the School. The operation of the School is overseen by the Steering Committee, which brings together faculty and PhD student representatives on a regular basis to discuss and plan the curriculum, selection process, and other issues of concern, from school management to supervision/mentoring. All processes are supported by the Coordination Office.

Our official email for all questions is:

Steering Committee

Anke Becker, Prof. Dr. (SYNMIKRO, UMR)

Ilka Bischofs-Pfeifer, Dr. (MPI-TM)

Sebastian Großmann (MPI-TM, SYNMIKRO, PhD representative)

Robert Junker, Prof. Dr. (Department of Biology, UMR)

Markus Meier (MPI-TM, SYNMIKRO, PhD representative)

Giuseppe Peyroche (MPI-TM, Microcosmos Earth Center, PhD representative)

Dusica Rados, PhD (Scientific Coordinator)

Nadiia Pozhydaieva (MPI-TM, SYNMIKRO, PhD representative)

Johannes Rebelein, Dr. (MPI-TM, SYNMIKRO)

Victor Sourjik, Prof. Dr.  (MPI-TM, SYNMIKRO, IMPRS Speaker)

Olalla Vázquez, Prof. Dr. (Department of Chemistry, UMR, SYNMIKRO)

Jing Yuan, Dr. (MPI-TM, SYNMIKRO)




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