The PhD curriculum is designed to provide a high-quality research-focused training for doctoral candidates who will pursue very different career paths in the future.

  • Seminars include faculty lectures as well as progress, method and literature seminars by PhD students. Through these activities, PhD students are exposed to latest scientific findings and methods in the research areas covered at the IMPRS-µLife, have the opportunity to present their own project, participate in, and lead the discussion.

  • Workshops cover a range of advanced methods from various disciplines of direct relevance to the PhD researchers of IMPRS-µLife. Transferable skills workshops are also offered to acquire competences in project planning and management, communication, and career development.

  • Retreat is held as a three-day event every second year to intensify scientific and personal relationships within IMPRS-µLife.

  • Participation in international scientific conference(s) is encouraged to establish an international network.

Detailed information about the curriculum is available to the current members in the IMPRS manual (Intranet).

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